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We believe building the right technology tools can enhance the experience of all the stakeholders in a workplace. Visitor Management system is one of the best visitor management systems that provides centralised control to all the departments of an institution so that you can monitor their day to day activity. Being a visitor management software, Visitor Management Software simplifies and expedites the entire visitors' registration procedure. This visitor management tool provides data backup and restoration options for optimum data security. Visitor Management Software is a visitor management tool that tracks and manages in and out timings of the visitors in an organisation

Digital check-in

From employees to guests, MyVisitor allows the guests to check-in digitally eliminating the hectic paperwork. It also gives an extraordinary charm to your front desk and leaves a professional first impression on your guests.

Host Notifications

MyVisitor notifies the host whenever guests are around so you never waste time tracking them down. An instant alert notification is sent to the host as the guest checks in, thereby saving lot of time.

Send Invites

Send invites to your guests prior to their visit to your premises. Invitation consist of the venue and the host details. As the guest checks in, all he has to do is tap on invitee option on the MyVisitor application.

How our web-based visitor management system works?

The ecosystem consists of the Terminal that sits at your reception area for guests to check in, the User apps for your employees and visitors for pre-registrations & superfast check ins, and the Dashboard for your admin team to keep a bird's eye view on visitor movement.

Multi-Platform Support

“It's not just a single app, it's a complete suite of applications deployed on Web, iOS, and Android which helps you to manage your regular visitors.” is the best solution to optimize your visitor management system. The suite consists of a tablet, that sits at your reception area for visitors to do self check-in, the PASS user app for your employees to manage their visitors & superfast check-ins, and the MyVisitor dashboard for web check-ins.


Self-serviced Visitor Check-in App, highly customised to support all your information needs. Offer your guests a modernised experience with our visitor sign-in software for ipad & android devices.

Self Service

visitors to register themselves without having to wait for the receptionist

Super-fast Visitor Check-in application provides fure fast checkin services to visitor

Verify Mobile Number

OTP based mobile number verification ensures that the mobile numbers being captured are authentic

Capture Pictures service enable you to capture pictures of your visitors and store them securely with the visitor data in the cloud

Print Badges provides visitor pass with unique QR code and print facilities

Custom Fields

Customize the details you want your visitors to furnish through the custom fields feature

Your Branding and Theme visitor management system are customizable to reflect your brand identity and create a positive first impression on your visitors

Host Notifications

Instant SMS based notifications for the hosts when their visitors arrive and register themselves at the Veris terminal

Digital Checkin

From employees to guests, MyVisitor allows the guests to check-in digitally eliminating the hectic paperwork.

Why choose us?

"One Single App; Overhauls your Manual Archaic Methods of Tracking and Inviting Visitors ".

One App Operation

Single App Operation- Delight your visitors and employees while managing through one single app with three dedicated interfaces. Supporting dynamic login.


Most Important Feature- It keeps your premises safe from unwanted intrusions backed up by strong and smart technologies, like Facial Recognition and User Badge.

Cloud-based Data-log

Cloud Based System- The software uses remote resources, saving organizations cost of servers and other equipments. Centralised access increases efficiency and flexibility of workplaces.

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